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Friday 20, May 2016



This week, OnQue gives you an update on what’s been happening in the technological world. 


First up, online job search engine Adzuna has launched ‘ValueMyCV’. Looking for your next big career move? Before you sit down to negotiate your salary, it might be worth checking out this new tool.

Adzuna utilizes text-mining software to browse your CV for information about employment history and skills. ‘ValueMyCV’ seeks to eliminate the negotiation process of pay packets by providing job seekers with realistic approximations of the salary they can expect with the qualifications they have. In addition, this tool enables users to email results to their current employer, assisting employees who believe they are under-rewarded. However it also holds potential to have the opposite effect where the tool may reveal an employee to be over-paid.

Business Insider’s Greg McKenna trialed this tool, which reassured him he is worth his previous salary from the last time he worked full time in banking.

The site launches officially on Wednesday.


VentureCrowd, an equity-based crowdfunding platform in Australia, has recently introduced a new option for wholesale investors, beginning from $25,000, using the same progressive fee structure as larger investors. By partnering with the Artesian Australian Corporate Bond Fund, the company enables investors to invest in a well-diversified fund managed by them.

VentureCrowd is aggregating demand from potential investors for the fund, in addition to allowing them control over their own portfolios. The company has stated that this will mean they are able to decrease the number of restrictions for individual wholesale investors and provide them with opportunities that are usually specific to institutional investors.


Netflix has introduced, a website which helps users see how fast their individual internet connection is, resembling the way in which operates, without the hassle of ads and popups. can be used for either mobile or broadband connections and essentially allows users to track download speeds from their respective Internet provider whenever they are experiencing streaming problems.




Source: Netflix launches to show how fast (or slow) your Internet connection really is



In other news, Google faces a record antitrust fine of around 3 billion Euros ($3.4 billion) from the European Commission in the coming weeks.

The European Union has accused Google of promoting its shopping service in Internet searches at the expense of rival services in a case that has dragged on since late 2010.

Reportedly, the European Union can enforce a maximum penalty of 10% of the Google’s annual sales, which can easily amount to 6.6 billion Euros. Google may also be banned from altering its search results in the region, which will make it more difficult for the company to favor its homebrew products.




Finally, Uber has had a big win in Victoria this week. In December last year, Two Taxi Services Commission (TSC) investigators had fined Nathan Brenner $900 for two counts of operating without a license, along with driving without commercial accreditation. This essentially made Uber an illegal service in Victoria.




This week, the Victorian County Court held the appeal made by Brenner, who was successful in his claims that Uber did not fall under the law that TSC charged him under. Ultimately this outcome legalised ride sharing in Victoria (joining NSW, ACT and SA) allowing Uber to continue its services in this state.



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This week, OnQue gives you an update on all things tech.